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Low Self Esteem

Do you see yourself as weak, not good enough, inferior to others, worthless, unattractive, unlovable, a loser or a failure?

It is important to know that low self-esteem is a common problem for many people and often refers to how we see, think and place value on ourselves. If the person’s value of themself is constantly negative there is a strong possibility they will develop low self-esteem. Low self-esteem has been shown to be connected with a number of negative outcomes, such as depression.

However, people with high self-esteem focus on growth and improvement, whereas people with low self-esteem tend to focus on not making mistakes McLeod, S. A. (2012).

They could be told ten good things about themselves and one bad thing, but they often focus on the one negative thing playing it over and over in their mind. Low self-esteem sufferers usually have a deep-rooted mindset of harmful internal beliefs. In their mind, these beliefs are facts or truths about themselves and they often interpret non-critical comments as critical.

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