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How therapy has helped my clients

Could you benefit from a space to explore your thoughts and feelings?

“Counselling has helped me to put my life in order; it’s given me tools to understand perspectives that I never looked at before. I feel much happier and have a better understanding of my emotions and actions. It’s completely changed the way I think about my life and constantly helps me to re-think decisions/actions I may not have done before..."
Client I

“I’d reached a point of crisis. The strategies for dealing with issues that I had employed throughout my life became burdensome and often led to complicated consequences..."
Client G

“J has changed my life! He helped me to re-evaluate the way I looked at life … in a better direction to achieve my goals, he’s been patient, understanding and motivating and super supportive every step of the way...”
Client A

“J helped me to recognise my need to face my deep fear head-on and since I perceived my issues to be cantered around my father...”
Client S

“I wanted to get clarity and understand why I had negative feelings and emotions about certain topics in my life. I wanted to gain back control of my emotions as I felt like my life was spiralling in one direction...”
Client E

“It actually works! It changes your mindset to look at every aspect of life in a more open way...”
Client I

“I was prompted to look deeper into my thoughts and ask myself questions that helped me see another perspective of the situation. The sessions are always calm and supportive in a safe environment to talk openly. I felt at ease and never felt judged.”
Client D

“I recognise a change, I’m more honestly open and have a working understanding of the roots of my pain and attitudes and I am in many ways less fearful.”
Client F

“Weekly sessions with J gave me the opportunity to peruse themes, it allowed thought to remain fresh reducing the need for lengthy recapitulation and allowed us the benefit of examining feelings/situations/events in the moment...”
Client N

“I have a far greater understanding of the origins of my behaviours and ways of being and as such have learned to forgive (not always excuse) myself and others whom I once held solely accountable.”
Client H

“Having previously been a fierce critic of counselling and seeing myself as ‘very emotionally literate’ I was taken by the calm and peace I was sensing in myself...”
Client F

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